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Employee Benefits – Group Insurance

Insurance with YOUR Future in Mind

Employee Benefits Specialists, Inc. was established in Houston, Texas in August of 1983. Gregg Slape, owner and President has been involved in the group insurance industry for the past 40 years. During these years, the first ten were spent in various capacities with several insurance companies. The last 30 years have been dedicated to expanding available products and growing the client base of this agency to where it is today.

Group benefits have changed significantly over the 40 years we have been in the industry. Nothing is more remarkable in that regard than the massive changes we’ve seen just in the past year involving the healthcare reform passed into law in March 2010. More than ever our clients are looking to us for guidance as to what to expect in coming years as well as how to incorporate these proposed changes into running their businesses.

The question is how, the answer is options. We believe the hallmark of our success has been to offer options to our clients, which, in turn, give them the solutions they need to stay on the cutting edge with their benefits.

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