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Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles include both motor vehicles and towable trailers, designed for short- or long-term living. These vehicles range from small pop-up trailers to large, multi-bedroom motor coaches. Recreational vehicles insurance is designed to protect your often sizable investment, as well as protect you from liability in the case of an accident or injury. Recreational vehicle insurance differs from automobile insurance in a variety of ways, and it is important to have a dedicated recreational vehicle policy to protect your investment.

Types of Coverage

Recreational vehicle coverage offers a variety of different coverage options. Working with an agent ensures you properly understand each type of coverage and make the best choice on what types of coverage are necessary to protect your investment.

Total loss replacement is coverage for someone who purchases a relatively new recreational vehicle. It is typically recommended for vehicles less than five years old. If your vehicle is involved in an accident that results in a total loss, total loss replacement will allow you to get a similar vehicle, protecting you from the massive depreciation in new recreational vehicles.

Full-time liability insurance provides coverage for when you are using your recreational vehicle as a residence, and is similar to homeowner’s insurance. It covers medical expenses and treatment for emergencies for anyone injured in or around your vehicle. Campsite liability is similar to full-time liability, but is designed for use when the recreational vehicle is being used for short periods of time, such as vacations.

Recreational vehicles insurance can also include replacement cost of personal belongings. This will cover the cost to replace everything you have in your vehicle in the event of total loss, including clothing, tools and other personal items. Emergency expenses coverage is another recreational insurance coverage option. This option will reimburse you for expenses incurred if your vehicle must be repaired while you are away from your primary residence. Hotel, food and transportation costs are all reimbursable.

An important factor to keep in mind when selecting your recreational vehicle policy is that the large available limits for these policies are for a reason. Recreational vehicles are much heavier than traditional automobiles, and can do much more extensive damage to property if involved in an accident. Take advantage of these high limits when selecting a policy for maximum security.